Bonded at Birth

“Our past is not our potential.” – Unknown

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How would you feel if the family raising you as an adoptee kept your adoption secret? Imagine finding out about your adoption in an unusual manner? Suppose you faced medical conditions throughout your life but lacked knowledge of your medical history? What would you do? Would you do everything possible to seek out the information?

Bonded at Birth: an Adoptee’s Search for Her Roots is a memoir about growing up as an adoptee under the umbrella of secrecy, determined and motivated by multiple lifetime events to search for her roots and heritage against all odds of success. Can Gloria do it?

Upon her reunion, eight days short of her forty-first birthday, Gloria goes from being an only child to the oldest of ten (nine living) siblings. After seven years of a successful reunion, Gloria’s birth mother adopts her back bringing her story full circle. Genealogy research led Gloria to unexpected discoveries such as the fact that  Col. William Prescott, the Revolutionary War hero, was her 1st cousin 7X removed,  and Lydia Longley, the first North American nun, who was her 6th great grand aunt.

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Come take a journey with Gloria via her memoir covering four decades. One state. Two Continents. Three Countries. Sixteen years of searching.

Bonded at Birth is an inspiring  adoption story of loss, survival, determination, and persistence. Travel the roller coaster ups and downs of her life as  an adoptee, as she struggles with health issues and brick walls on her search for who she is and the roots she came from. Encounter the tapestry of individuals she meets on the way and the roles others played in her life: friends, family, and strangers.

Warning! This is a memoir that will keep you turning pages! You won’t be able to put it down once you begin readig.
me_6mthsarmy2                                                              Bonded at Birth is the memoir of an adoptee growing up under the umbrella of secrecy, determined and motivated to search for her birth mother despite lack of information, and the unexpected discovery makes upon a successful reunion . See a short excerpt below for a taste of what’s to come:

“Life continued as usual until one specific significant day I will never forget. It was a major turning point between a stable, normal childhood (even one with older parents), which I assumed mine was, to one laden with questions, confusion, and a sense of being different.”

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