Here you will find lists of things separated by category.



  • Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz
  • A Writer’s Guide to Nonfiction by Elizabeth Lyon
  • 1001 Ways to market Your Books: For Authors and Publishers by John Kremer
  • The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing by Mayra Calvani and Anne K Edwards


  • Destruction of Innocence: A True Story of Child Abduction by Rosalie Hollingsworth
  • Looking for Lost Bird: A Jewish Woman Discovers Her Navajo Roots by Yvette D Melanson
  • Torn from the Heart: an Amazing True Story of a Birthmother’s Search for Her Lost Daughter by Louise Jurgens


  • Tapestry  by Belva Plain
  • The Lipstick Diaries by Lori Soard
  • The Outside World by Tova Mirvis
  • The Ladies Auxiliary by Tova Mirvis
  • Micah’s Child by Lang Buchanan


  • Cat Ballou
  • West Side Story
  • Love Story
  • South Pacific
  • American Dreamer
  • Up the Down Staircase
  • The Pianist
  • A Long Way from Home 3 vols. – Cathy Glass
  • Wrong Family: For Every Secret, There Is A Family – Charisse Dahlke
  • Don’t Know Who I Am: A memoir of finding my true bloodline through DNA – Colleen Bradshaw
  • Somebody’s Daughter – Zara H. Phillips
  • A Daughter of Many Mothers: Her horrific childhood and wonderful life – Rena Quint and Barbara Sofer
  • Finding My Son – Eric Odell-Hein
  • Odyssey of a Belief: An Adoptee’s Journey – Joe Wh. Zychik
  • Twice Blessed: The Incredible and Inspiring Story of One Man’s Adoption, Birth Mother Search, and Reunion –  Bill Shenoha
  • A Hidden Treasure Behind a Wounded Heart – Latoya Christman
  • The Voice of Adoption – Tanya Stevens
  • The Desire to Know: Our Journey to Find My Mother’s Birth Parents – Michaela Riley Karr
  • You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir – Melissa Ohden
  • Nobody’s Son – Cathy Glass
  • Cruel to Be Kind – Cathy Glass
  • All About You: An Adopted Child’s Memoir – Liz Butler Duren
  • Amish by Adoption – Lily A. Bear
  • Expectations: A True Adoption Story – Tony Bertauski
  • Beyond Two Worlds: A Taiwanese-American Adoptee’S Memoir & Search for Identity – Marijane Huang
  • In a Sun-Scorched Land: A memoir of adoption, faith, and the moving of Haiti’s mountains – Jennifer Ebenhack and Lisa Jacobson
  • Two Trees – Julie Beekman
  • My Own Legacy: An Adoption Memoir – Katie McMillan
  • Always Yours: Memoir of an Adopted Child – C.F. Stice
  • From the Waitlist…to the Most Wanted…I am CHOSEN: A Powerful Adoption Story of Identity, Purpose, and Love – Brittany Neely Jones
  • Finding Family – Richard Hill
  • Swabbed & Found: An Adopted Man’s DNA Journey to Discover his Family Tree – Frank Billingsley
  • Adopted: An Adoptee’s Memoir of Healing Love – David Alves
  • Two Worlds: Second Edition: Vol. 1: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects book series – Trace L Hentz
  • Adoption: The Truth Comes Out – Margaret Etcher Theriault
  • So That’s Who I Am – Chauncey Smith
  • The Untold Story of My Heart: Memoir of an Adoptee – Nicole Gfeller
  • Open: An Adoption Story in Three Voices – Alaina O’Connell and Alex Porter
  • Identity Reclaimed: Echoes of an Adoptee – Julie Wetherby
  • A Baby Girl For Christmas – JP Bounds
  • Paper and Spit: Family found: How DNA and Genealogy revealed my first parents’ identity – Don Anderson
  • CHOSEN TO BE LOVED: An Adopted Child’s Journey – Linda Guccione Allard
  • The Perks of Being An Adoptee – Mae Claire
  • Searching for Zinnias: An Adoptee’s Quest for Home – Michael Huffman
  • Given Away – Kate Anne Kang
  • Marilyn and Me: An Adoption Memoir – Coral Raven


Here is a list of Adoption Movies I’ve started. If you know of any others, please email me the name and I will add it here.

  • Adopted
  • Approved for Adoption
  • August Rush
  • Blind Side, The
  • Book Thief, The
  • Butter
  • Child of Rage
  • Deadly Adoption, A
  • Despicable Me
  • Dustbin Baby
  • Finding a Family
  • Jackie
  • Lion
  • Little Girl Lost
  • Losing Isaiah
  • Lost & Found Family, The
  • Martian Child
  • Mother and Child
  • Mother’s Day
  • Orphan
  • Philomena
  • Secrets & Lies


  • Oldies (50s,60s)
  • Folk
  • Israeli
  • Jewish including Klezmer
  • Some Country
  • Some Classic

Pet Peeves

  • Catching spelling and grammar errors
  • Catching fact related errors

What I Like Doing

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Solving Crossword and Sudoku puzzles
  • Genealogy research

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