Book Reviews : Alice McDowell – Hidden Treasure

Alice McDowell, Ph.D.

Hidden Treasure: How to Break Free of Five Patterns that Hide Your True Self

She Writes Press, 2017, 253 pages, $16.95 paperback $9.95 eBook

ISBN: pbk 978-1-63152-304-5 ebk 978-1-63152-305-2

Nonfiction [Self-Help]

“Tendency to space out when you feel threatened, bored, or uncomfortable impedes interaction with others.”

Oh my G-d! I don’t know where to start. When I began reading this book it was as if Alice McDowell was my clone or something close to that. Right off the start similarities sprung off the page. This continued for the first two chapters. Straight at page one of the Introduction she says her father died when she was eleven. Mine, too. How eerie can this be?

What was interesting was the quiz she had for readers to do. I did it and scored highest in the second and last patterns. Hmmm…how can that be? The first two described me to a T but the last one was so off, how did I score highest on that one. I keep wondering. All in all the book as a whole is a real eye-opener.

On the first page of chapter two McDowell mentions that her mother was seventeen when she had her, and her father nineteen. This is beginning to sound surreal. My mother was seventeen when she had me, my birth father eighteen.  From that point on I couldn’t put the book down.

I liked the illustrations and layout style which made it easy to read. She used paragraphs, bulleted offset text, illustrations where needed and italics for backstory. There was nothing I didn’t like.

Update 2018: This book has won the following awards:

National Indie Excellence Awards (for self and small press publishing).

Winner—personal growth


Body, Mind and Spirit Awards

Finalist—spiritual psychology