Book Review: Running on Empty by Shelley Pernot

Shelley Pernot

Running on Empty: The Irreverent Guru’s Guide to Filling up with Mindfulness

(True North Development Press, 2017, 200 pages, $12.95 print $9.99 eBook

ISBN: 978-0-997951-1-7 print 978-0-9979951-1-4 eBook

Self-Help, Personal Growth, Happiness

“…human beings are like water. We always take the path of least resistance – which works just fine and dandy right up until the point when the dam breaks.”

I received this book to review exactly one week after a session during my cardio rehab program which was on the topic of mindfulness. Suddenly everywhere I turned I was facing something about mindfulness. You know it is just like when you buy a car of a certain make or color and you haven’t seen many of those before but once you leave the dealership they’re all over.

So what is mindfulness? There are many interpretations to this, but basically it is something you do that you place all your focus on in that moment. You know, being in the zone. For example, when crocheting, all your focus is on getting the amount of stitches right, the gauge size right, etc. Or when doing a jigsaw puzzle your focus is on finding the right pieces to go together to make the whole thing come out right. So what is the whole to-do about mindfulness? For one, it helps us achieve goals. Second, it is about the present, the only thing we have. Life happens in the present, not the past, not the future. Anything you do that you can put your mind to in that moment is an activity of mindfulness.

The author explains this in a simple, easy to understand format. She opens your eyes to things that perhaps were hidden to you, but were there all the time. The problem, says Pernot, is “many of us go through it [life] focusing on what we don’t want,” when we should be focusing on what we do want.

I liked Pernot’s clear explanations and the end of chapter exercises. The book was so well done, brief and to the point that there really isn’t anything I didn’t like. Well done.